Lightening up Ben Thanh Market in Vietnam Independence Day - Sep 02

Lightening up Ben Thanh Market in Vietnam Independence Day – Sep 02

Ben Thanh Market is set to dazzle on Vietnam Independence Day, September 2nd, with a spectacular display of lights. Embracing the patriotic spirit, the market will be adorned in vibrant colors, creating a luminous spectacle that celebrates the nation's independence. As dusk falls, witness Ben Thanh Market transform into a beacon of national pride, combining tradition with a modern glow. This luminous tribute promises to be a visual feast, uniting locals and visitors in the festive spirit of Vietnam's Independence Day.

Lighting activities in Ben Thanh Market

A representative of the Ben Thanh Market Management Board said that to celebrate the National Day of September 2, from tonight (September 2) the southern facade area of ​​the market will be lit up through a lighting system and LED panels.

Visitors will admire the extremely sparkling, vibrant and colorful image of Ben Thanh market. In particular, right at the entrance to the market, LED lights are installed around the reliefs of cows and fish; cows and pigs; Stingrays and catfish create vivid images.

According to the representative of the market management board, Ben Thanh night market’s operating hours have been extended to 9-10 p.m., contributing to creating more diversity in services for tourists coming to Ho Chi Minh City.

Therefore, lighting the market will help promote the image of the night market, attracting domestic and foreign tourists to visit and shop. At the same time, this is a market activity implemented step by step in accordance with the night economy development project that District 1 People’s Committee is implementing. After September 2, Ben Thanh market lighting activities will be maintained.

Plans in the future

It is known that recently, the Office of Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee issued a notice of conclusions of Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee Phan Van Mai at a meeting to listen to reports on proposed projects and plans to embellish the central area. City.

In particular, city leaders have given guidance on the service economic development project and the night economy development project of District 1, and a plan to implement the landscape improvement work in the area in front of the market. Ben Thanh and the renovation work of Ben Thanh market…

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