Ben Thanh Market re-establishing cutural space

Ben Thanh Market re-establishing cutural space

Ben Thanh Market is one of the indispensable sights for tourists when coming to Ho Chi Minh City. Ben Thanh Market was built over 110 years to become one of the city's architectural, cultural and tourism symbols. However, to serve the construction of Metro Line No. 1 project (Ben Thanh-Suoi Tien), this area has been dismantled for many years and was only re-established in mid-January 2023.

The work from New Year 2023

In recent days, especially during Tet Quy Mao, the area in front of the South gate of Ben Thanh market has been reorganized to create a large space to attract people and tourists to visit, play, and take photos. This is the intersection of routes: Le Lai, Le Loi, Huynh Thuc Khang, Ham Nghi, Tran Hung Dao… Ben Thanh Market was started construction in 1912. Image of the clock at the South gate of The market has become a “recognition” point when referring to the city center. Previously, at the Quach Thi Trang roundabout, there was a statue of heroic martyr Quach Thi Trang and a statue of famous general Tran Nguyen Han riding a majestic horse. It is expected that in the near future, the Quach Thi Trang roundabout area will be restored, with flower beds and small islands in the direction of the square.

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Plans from the government

According to the recommendations of many experts, to make the space in front of the south gate of Ben Thanh market a more familiar, bustling and attractive destination, the space in front of the market will not only be upgraded into a modern square with diverse public facilities. ability but must preserve the inherent beauty. That is in the direction of preserving and promoting, because for a long time the image of Ben Thanh market has been considered an unofficial symbol of the city, and has entered music, poetry, art… Besides, the space In front of the market, it needs to be synchronously connected, suitable for neighboring areas such as Nguyen Hue walking street, 23-9 Park, Le Loi street… to enhance the ancient and modern beauty of the area. central area of ​​Ho Chi Minh City.

According to the Department of Planning and Architecture of Ho Chi Minh City, there are 3 plans to re-establish the space in front of the south gate of Ben Thanh market, but the most feasible is to design it into a square, to preserve the special cultural space. characteristic of the city. In particular, priority will be given to the location of the statues of Tran Nguyen Han and Quach Thi Trang, with large trees creating shade around the statue area. In addition, this plan also pays attention to the shape of traffic islands, redesigns appropriate landscapes, adjusts some traffic directions… Currently, the intersection between Nguyen Hue walking street and Le street Loi (formerly known as the willow roundabout) has been re-established, nearly 800m from the south gate area of ​​Ben Thanh market. Residents and tourists expect the square in front of the South gate of Ben Thanh Market to soon be designed to connect with surrounding spaces, creating a unique cultural and tourist highlight in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City.

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